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Are there any age or weight restrictions to use the KidsTramps?

No, the KidsTramps don't have any restrictions concerning age or weight.

Are there any weight limits for the underwater trampoline?

As the underwater trampoline design is very stable, there are no weight limits. That´s why even challenging exercises can be employed without any restrictions.

Can a 6x6 mm bed be fitted to a Double Minitramp 190?

No, it is not possible to put a 6x6 mm bed into a Double Minitramp 190 because this jumping bed needs a stronger frame. It can only be put into a Ultimate DMT frame.

Can defective beds be repaired?

In general, all nylon-band beds can be repaired at a favourable price. Should individual nylon bands be damaged, these can be removed and new bands oven and sewn in. Repairing PVC-coated beds (yellow material) is equally as problem-free using high frequency welding. After receiving and inspecting a bed at Eurotramp, we pass to an offer and advise on whether repair is worthwhile. After the go-ahead to repair, beds can be repaired and ready for dispatch within a few days.

Can I convert a Double Mini Tramp 170 into competition standard 190 apparatus?

We have recently started offering a conversion kit for the 170 Double MiniTramp. The kit contains 3 feet, 1 bed and the necessary rubber cables for tensioning the bed.

Can I convert a Mini Tramp from rubber cables to steel springs?

The hanging points on the frame of a Mini Tramp with rubber cables are at an angle to the bed anchor bars. On a Mini Tramp with steel springs, the anchor bars are directly opposite. In order to avoid tensioning the springs at an angle, we recommend setting appropriate holes in the frame.

Can I install a high performance bed on a low performance trampoline?

In general, there is a selection of various types of bed for all large apparatus, in order to maintain an individual performance-level feature. High performance beds such as the woven 4 X 6 mm or the 6 X 6 mm nylon-band bed may only be installed in a Grand Master Exclusiv frame. In theory, these beds could also be installed in a Grand Master frame, as it is the same size. As the Grand Master is 7 cm lower, the gymnast's safety is no longer guaranteed for such a combination. As a general rule: The thinner the nylon bands of a bed, the less air resistance is resulting. This increases the jumping depth and thus the safety risk, if you install a high performance bed in a frame which is to low.

Can I wash a trampoline jumping bed in the washing machine?

In principle all Eurotramp jumping beds made of polyester, nylon or double perlon can be washed in the washing machine. The jumping bed should be put away from the trampoline frame and can be washed with a maximum temperature of 30° with a mild detergent or textile detergent and should be washed with delicate wash cycle (no spin cycle!).

Absolutely follow:
• The 4 metal rings on the corners should be fixed with tape for the protection of the jumping bed and the washing machine.
IMPORTANT: The jumping bed should be hooked in the trampoline frame again in humid or wet state. If not the nylon strings will tighten and the bed will become useless.

Can several people use the KidsTramps at the same time?

For safety reasons, the KidsTramps should be used by one person only.  Eurotramp recommends combining a number of trampolines in a group so that several children can jump at the same time.

Can trampolines be used for therapeutic purposes?

Trampolines are excellently suited for therapeutic purposes, for example our ground trampoline Grand Master for indoor use. A strong trend has been developing in recent years, especially in the area of disability therapy. Trampolines have been successfully employed in many disabled facilities in Germany. Should you require further information about this topic, we'll have contact addresses to your disposition.

Do I need a special Tchoukball ball or can I play this with any ball?

The Tchoukball frame can be played with any ball.

Do you supply replacement parts for other brands?

In general we can offer springs and covers for all other brands (Nissen, Continental, Somersault etc.). Beds can be made to any size desired.

For how many gymnasts are the trampolines designed for?

Basically, there should only be one person on the trampoline. If several gymnasts use the trampoline together the risk of injury (collision, counter- swing) is much increased.

How can I combine several KidsTramps in a group?

You can put the KidsTramps in one line side by side or staggered. The combination and quantity of KidsTramps depends on place, terrain, demand, etc.

How deep should the water be to use the underwater trampoline properly?

For adults the water should have a depth of 120 to 140 cm. For children 90 cm is sufficient. But please note that the optimal depth of the water varies with the exercises you intend to do.

How much is a trampolinist allowed to weight?

Basically, for Eurotramp trampolines, there is no weight limit, as all trampolines are designed for a multiple of the body weight. People with joint complaints or overweight people should start trampolining slowly. Of course, general physical and psychological constitution also makes a difference.

Is it possible to install a garden trampoline at ground level?

Of course these can also be set into the ground. It must just be noted that sufficient ground space must be made. As a general rule: the depth of the ground required for the ground trampoline is 100 cm for Master size and 110 cm for Grand Master size. The Ground Trampoline comes without feet and is specially designed for installation in the ground.

Is it possible to lose weight during trampolining?

Trampoline gymnastics on large apparatus is, in itself, an anaerobic sports discipline, because of the high intensity and shortness of the strain. It charges all muscle areas in the body, which results in unusually high calory consumption. For increasing general fitness or reducing weight, the small apparatus like the Trimm-Tramp or the Mini Tramp with 2 equal length legs are especially suitable.

Is it possible to repair broken or old trampolines?

Our trampolines are constructed extremely robustly: we often receive pieces of equipment that have been in use for more than 30 years.

But after such a long period of time, even these pieces of equipment require an overhaul. Jumping beds, overall covers and springs can be substituted by the customer himself. On the frame; smaller parts such as chains and feet-rest mounts can be substituted on the spot.

Problems arise when the hinges are worn out after many years of being opened out and folded down again, or for example if the roller stands or lifting roller stands are broken. Should an economic efficiency calculation come to the conclusion that a general overhaul would be worthwhile, then this could be done either by the customer, an external maintenance service or directly by Eurotramp, according to the state of the device in question.

Complicated repairs to the frame make the dispatching of the trampoline to the Eurotramp plant in Weilheim an der Teck necessary.

In order to arrive at an initial assessment regarding the extent of the necessary repair work, it is helpful if you send us, whenever possible, detailed photographs of the trampoline or the possible damage.

Then we could make you a provisional offer and, if required, arrange for your equipment to be collected.

Before the final repair work is done, we would gladly send you a binding costs estimate and obtain your approval for the work. 1-2 weeks later your equipment is once again in full working order and can be returned to you.

Regarding the question of using older trampolines we would like to say, however, that material fatigue, e.g. to the jumping beds, can represent a high risk to the user. For liability reasons, we recommend that, when in doubt, old trampoline components should be replaced.

Is trampolining an Olympic discipline?

Trampolining was practised as an Olympic discipline for the first time at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. Eurotramp supplied its equipment for this competition. In 2004 and 2008, trampoline gymnastics was also on the programme of Olympic disciplines and once again Eurotramp supplied its equipment for these events.

Is trampolining dangerous? Which safety rules should be observed?

Every sports discipline has its own hidden dangers, trampolining included. Nonetheless, the risks can be avoided to a large extent by following the safety rules. Every novice should approach trampolining cautiously. In general, trampolining is not difficult to learn, but too much self-confidence when performing often leads to boisterousness, which can cause accidents. Eurotramp's large apparatus are high performance apparatus, which must not be underestimated - or would you drive round a corner at the same speed as Schuhmacher, if you were only an apprentice? One step at a time! Children especially should trampoline under adults supervision as far as possible.

Once installed, does the KidsTramp require any care?

No, the KidsTramp doesn't need any specialized care.

What does the FIG-approved symbol mean?

For competitions, the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (International Gymnastics Federation FIG) has exact specifications of the construction type of the trampoline to be used in the competition. All trampolines and accessories used in competitions and supplied by Eurotramp have a valid certificate.

What installation work regarding to the KidsTramps do i have to do?

At first you have to dig a pit. The KidsTramp is completely assembled so that it can be put straight into the pit. The bonded impact protection must be glued to the frame. We deliver adequate glue with the impact protection.

For more information: watch utilityfilm

What is the optimal age to use the underwater trampoline?

The underwater trampoline aims at people of all ages. It can be used for aqua-fitness, therapy and fun - depending on the different ages and the exercises one intends to do.

What kind of safety measures has Eurotramp taken to protect users from accidents by using the KidsTramps?

• Reduced spring capacity, so that children can only jump 50 cm high (according to the playground standard DIN EN 1176). As the trampoline is quite small, it can only be used by one person, therefore children cannot collide. Furthermore, the trampoline size doesn’t allow high-risk-jumps (e.g. backflips, twists, etc.).
• For added safety there is a bonded impact protection system and rubber bar on all frame edges as well as an anti-slip surface of the jumping bed.
• Ample safety spaces above and around the trampoline.
Solid and robust materials reduce danger of damage due to vandalism (KidsTramps "Playground").
• Fixed position in the ground.
• Ground level position helps to avoid falling from a height.
• The components (e.g. springs) are difficult to access so that it is difficult to remove them.

Where can you learn trampolining?

Trampolining may be no longer just be seen as show artistry. These days, there are many clubs all over Germany which professionally train for competitions. On request, we will send you a list of the German clubs which take part in national championships. In general, you can also find information on the website of the German Gymnastics Federation. There you will also find information about possible training to become a trampoline coach.

Which is the right trampoline for me?

Eurotramp offers a selection from a large product range which covers all areas of use. Should you require telephone or email advice, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

Which trampoline do you recommend for children?

The Ground Trampoline for outdoor use is, no doubt, the most suitable trampoline for children. It is not possible to fall off the apparatus. Likewise, it is not possible to walk underneath the apparatus. The Hobbytramp is on legs, but can also be set in a pit. Your child will love trampolining. Trampolining promotes the development of balance, co-ordination and physical flexibility like no other sport apparatus is able to. Nonetheless, remember to introduce your child gently to trampolining and to provide supervision. Enjoy learning at play with your child!

Which trampolines are weatherproof?

The Hobbytramp, Ground Trampoline, Octotramp, the Playground and Kindergarten trampolines, Stationary Trampoline Sets and Mobile Trampoline Sets are suitable for long-term outdoor use. Our standard trampolines are designed for use in indoor areas, but can also be equipped with weather proof springs and beds so only the frame needs to be treated (painted) appropriately.


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