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Fivesquare 5²

Trampoline for freestyle training

Freestyle trampoline for bikers, snowboarders, freeskiers, wakeboarders, freerunners, skaters and many more! Enables the training of new tricks and styles under constant conditions. 16 m² large jumping area for all kinds of twists and flips. Powerful hand-woven jumping bed. Frame pads available in grey or black, foam thickness: 20 cm. For indoor and stationary use only!

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
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    We provide various spare parts for Fivesquare 5².

    • Jumping beds
      • Article-No.: E21440 Jumping bed
        Jumping bed for freestyle trampoline Fivesquare. Made of polyester. Size: 412 × 412 cm.
    • Frame pads
      • Article-No.: E11400 Frame pads GREY
        Frame pads for freestyle trampoline Fivesquare. Colour: GREY.
      • Article-No.: E11401 Frame pads BLACK
        Frame pads for freestyle trampoline Fivesquare. Colour: BLACK.
    • Frame pad accessories & corresponding spare parts
      • Article-No.: E10950 Spring clip
        Spring clip to hold up frame pads. For Ground Trampolines OUTDOOR, Trampoline Sets and Fivesquare.
    • Steel springs/suspension
      • Article-No.: E31140 Steel spring
        Steel spring for freestyle trampoline Fivesquare. Length 250 mm, Ø 43,4 mm.
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Product details

Fivesquare 5²

Product details
  • Customize it! Side shades available in textile fabric or aludibond. Logo/branding possible.
  • Frame Made of special steel. For INDOOR and stationary use only. Frame size: 556 × 556 × 150 cm
  • Frame pads Foam thickness: 20 cm. Colour: GREY or BLACK
  • Jumping bed Powerful hand-woven jumping bed made of polyester. Dimensions: 412 × 412 cm.
  • Steel springs 160 pieces. Length 250 mm, Ø 43,4 mm.

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