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Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp

Outdoor trampoline for playgrounds - vandal-proof, no supervision required - 3 × 2 m

Trampolines belong to the most attractive leisure-time apparatus and exercise the highest attraction on children, youth and adults. Because they officially count as sports apparatus, they should always be used under supervision. This cannot always be guaranteed at publicly accessible playgrounds, hence the reason why Eurotramp and Sport Thieme® recently developed a ground trampoline that conforms to the playground device standard DIN EN 1176 and therefore does not require supervision. It consists of a highly stable, hot-galvanized frame construction with performance level adapted to children type of needs.

TÜV certified (EN 1176) TÜV certified (EN 1176)
The trampoline is TÜV-certified according to the playground equipment standard EN 1176 and is therefore suitable for publicly accessible playgrounds.
Flame retardant Flame retardant
The sixfold wire reinforced belt material is vandal-proof and therefore flame retardant.
Vandal-proof Vandal-proof
The jumping bed is made of sixfold wire reinforced belt material and features a high level of vandalism safety. It is specially designed for unattended public playground areas.
All-season use All-season use
The trampoline is designed und suitable for long-term outdoor use and can be left there all year.
Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
UV-light resistant UV-light resistant
All components (jumping bed, bonded impact protection, steel springs) are made of UV-light resistant material.
Water-resistant Water-resistant
The trampoline is equipped with hot-dip galvanized springs and a weather proof jumping bed and thus can be left outdoor even in wet conditions.
Suitable for wheelchairs Suitable for wheelchairs
Safe entry and exit with attendant thanks to rounded edges.
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    • TÜV certificate
      TÜV certificate
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure Tramp (EN 1176)
    • Factsheet
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp
    • Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp
    • Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Adhesive instructions for impact protection | Playground Trampolines
    • Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Use, Maintenance & Assembly Instructions
      Built-in frame | Sport-Thieme® Adventure Tramp
    • Jumping area dimensions / Cutout dimensions
      Jumping area dimensions / Cutout dimensions
      Playground & Kindergarten Trampolines
    • Safety rooms and distances
      Safety rooms and distances
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp
    • Installation draft
      Installation draft
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp
    • 2D CAD drawing
      2D CAD drawing
      Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp (Article ID: 97505)
    • Spare part lists
      Spare part lists
      Impact Protection - Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp (Art. ID: E97505)
    • Technical Information
      Technical Information
      Jumping bed overview
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Product details

Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp

Product details
  • Impact protection system With rounded edges on the outside and towards the jumping bed. Colour: GREY
  • Jumping bed Made of six-times wire-reinforced belt fabric. Optional: SPECIAL COATING for more durability.

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