article no: HDTS01

HDTS trampoline measurement device

Perfect tool for competitions, training documentation and training control

The new HDTS Trampoline measurement device offers the following measurement functions:
• ToF (Time of Flight)
• HD (Horizontal Displacement)
• SYN (Synchronicity)

One set consists of (quantity):
• USB Master Box (2)
• Silver cable (USB-Micro to USB-cable for connecting the USB Box with the Computer) (2)
• USB flash drive with PC software (1)
• Measuring plates HDTS for two trampolines (4 measuring plates per trampoline) (8)
• Green cables (Ethernet-cables for connecting the FP‘s 2-3) (2)
• Blue cables (Ethernet-cables for connecting the FP‘s 1-2, 3-4) (4)
• Grey cable (Ethernet-cables for connecting the USB Master Box with FP Number 1) (2)

Patented Patented
The HDTS trampoline measurement system is protected by patent law. European Patent No.: 2962736.

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