article no: E97547-E97047

Rampline PlayPro™ rubber protection ring

Kids Tramps "Playground Loop XL" & Playground "Loop"

PlayPro™ is an edge protection ring made of natural rubber and acts as shock absorption with a non slip texture.The connection/end lip protects the user from the steel edge of the trampoline structure and the trampolines spring attachment. It also integrates the trampoline visually with the surrounding area (EPDM surfaces, artificial turf etc.).

PlayPro™ is developed by Rampline in cooperation with Europtramp. Designed for impact protection systems of Kids Tramps "Playground Loop XL" and "Playground Loop".

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    • Article-No: E97547

      PlayPro™ rubber protection ring for Kids Tramp "Playground Loop XL" (single piece), incl. adhesive

    • Article-No: E97047

      PlayPro™ rubber protection ring for Kids Tramp "Playground Loop" (single piece), incl. adhesive

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