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article no: 60020-60024


Minitramp for top-level sport, high-performance acrobatics and show groups

A Minitramp that appeals to gymnasts as a target group that demand from the apparatus particularly high stability, durability and an extraordinary performance. For all that have reached the performance limit of the previous minitramp apparatus. The apparatus was originally developed for Euroteam contest.

TÜV-certified (EN 13219) TÜV-certified (EN 13219)
The trampoline is TÜV-certified according to EN 13219.
Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
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  • spare parts

    We provide various spare parts for Teamgym.

    • Jumping beds
      • Article-No.: E21624 Jumping bed 4×4 mm
        Jumping bed made of 4×4 mm wide nylon strands. With anchor bars. Size: 60 × 60 cm. For Minitramp Teamgym.

      • Article-No.: E21620 Jumping bed 6×6 mm
        Jumping bed made of 6×6 mm wide nylon strands. With anchor bars. Size: 60 × 60 cm. For Minitramp Teamgym.

    • Jumping bed accessories & corresponding spare parts
      • Article-No.: E20010 Anchor bar
        Anchor bar for Teamgym jumping bed.
    • Frame pads
      • Article-No.: E11162 Frame pads blue
        Frame pads for Minitramp Teamgym. Colour: BLUE. Foam thickness: 24 mm.
      • Article-No.: E11162-003 Frame pads black
        Frame pads for Minitramp Teamgym. Colour: BLACK. Foam thickness: 24 mm.
    • Steel springs/suspension
      • Article-No.: E31116 Steel spring
        Steel spring (length 185 mm, Ø 35 mm) for Minitramp Teamgym.
    • Suspension accessories & corresponding spare parts
      • Article-No.: E31000 Mounting tool for steel springs
        Mounting tool for easier attaching of the steel springs. For Large Trampolines.
    • Spare parts for trampoline frame & Safety Platforms
      • Article-No.: E44166 Lower part of the short leg brace
        Lower part of the short leg brace for Teamgym.
      • Article-No.: E44164 Stability plate for leg
        Stability plate for Teamgym leg. Without floor protection.
      • Article-No.: E45104 Floor protection with screws
        Floor protection with screws for Double-Minitramp Ultimate and Minitramp Teamgym.
      • Article-No.: E45900 Castor (1 piece)
        Castor for easier transport of Minitramp Open-End, Teamgym and Safety Platform. Scope of delivery: 1 piece.

        Required castors per unit:

        • Minitramp Open-End: 2 pcs.
        • Teamgym: 3 pcs.
        • Safety Platform: 2 pcs.
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Product details


Product details
  • Frame Flat oval steel tube (125 × 130 cm) made of special steel; galvanized.
  • Frame pads Shock absorbing and stable frame pads. Foam thickness: 24 mm.
  • Jumping bed Jumping bed (60 × 60 cm) made of 4×4 mm or 6×6 mm wide weaved nylon bands.
  • Legs Round tube made of special steel, adjustable in height, with movable antislippery plates; galvanized.
  • Tension 36 steel springs; galvanized.

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