article no: 87500

Trampoline Track "Air Track Plus"

Inflatable trampoline track from PE-Redskaber

The "Air Track Plus" is known as a versatile piece of exercise equipment for both beginners and advanced athletes. The development of the "Air Track Plus" was especially focussed on quality, the take-off and easy handling. 

• Flat surface with fast, springy rebound
• Adjustable hardness, making the track equally suitable for elite gymnasts and beginners alike
• Grips on both sides as standard facilitate handling
• Velcro on all sides as standard ensures multi-purpose use, providing ideal opportunities for exciting tumbling choreographies and differentiated training
• Serially with hand blower; for longer use we can deliver an exceptionally quiet blower, too
• There are no pipes, valves etc. sticking out beyond the sides of the track
• Available lengths: 7,5 m, 9 m, 12 m, 15 m, 18 m, 20 m