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article no: E52110-E52120

Lifting Roller Stand

Transport and storage unit for large trampolines

A trampoline occupies a large space when it is mounted and is generally folded for storage and transport. The problem herewith is that all large trampolines are 2.20 m high when folded together, but many doors in gymnasiums are only 2 meters high. With the Lifting Roller Stand, the trampoline can be lowered from 2.20 m to 1.97 m. Therefore, all large trampolines fit through standard doors without issues.

Hint for storage of Lifting Roller Stand:
For easier transport, proper storage and a higher long-life cycle Eurotramp recommends the use of the connecting tube (Article ID: E50070). The connecting tube is only included in the delivery of complete trampolines (service bag)!

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
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  • spare parts

    We provide various spare parts for Lifting Roller Stand.

    • Spare parts for Transport Units
      • Article-No.: E50070 Connecting tube
        Connecting tube for all transport units. Lockable with two winged screws, for easier transport and storing.
      • Article-No.: E50001 Castor c/w fastening kit
        Castor c/w fastening kit for all transport units.
      • Article-No.: E50049 Nylon bearing
        Nylon bearing for Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50039 Nylon bearing for hook
        Nylon bearing for hook of Lifting Roller Stands.
      • Article-No.: E50041 Hook c/w cap nut
        Hook c/w cap nut M14 for Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50042 T-hook c/w cap nut
        T-hook complete with cap nut. For Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50055 Red knob bolt
        Red knob bolt for Lifting Roller Stand, complete with red knob
      • Article-No.: E50050 Red knob
        Red knob for Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50025 Lever
        Lever for Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50035 Roll bow
        Roll bow for Lifting Roller Stand.
      • Article-No.: E50060 Safety bow
        Safety bow for Roller Stand.
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