Warranty Terms

The warranty refers to material and manufacturing mistakes. In case of warranty we provide the replacement parts after verifying the facts and circumstances:

Large trampoline frames
Large trampoline frames: 5 years (from purchase date)

All other equipment
All other equipment: 2 years (from purchase date)

All other parts (wearing parts)
All other parts (wearing parts): no warranty

Conditions for warranty extension include:
  • Adequate evidence of the defect or manufacturing mistake of a product (e.g. a pictured documentation with exact description of the damage)
  • Timely report to Eurotramp or an authorized partner
  • The warranty requirements need to be confirmed by Eurotramp
  • Regular intervals of maintenance works / service
  • Stop of usage after observing a defect until the circumstance is solved.

The manufacturer's warranty is excluded, among other things, if:
  • Wearing parts like springs, jumping beds, floor protectors etc. show typical wearing marks ascribing to common usage.
  • The trampoline was repaired or modified by anybody else but Eurotramp Trampolines Kurt Hack GmbH or one of our authorized partners.
  • The trampoline was not repaired and/or serviced with original Eurotramp spare parts and/or even trivial lacks of quality or apitude ensue.
  • The damage was caused by inappropriate use and storage or other insufficient accuracy.
  • The trampoline was damaged by exterior influence.