article no: 96000F-96066F

Ground Trampoline "Freestyle"

Suitable for OUTDOOR & INDOOR use

Freestyle version of Eurotramps Ground Trampoline. Colour of frame pads: grey, with Eurotramp Freestyle logo. Ground level installation. 

Three different frame sizes available:
• Adventure: 300 × 200 cm
• Master: 464 × 281 cm
• Grand Master: 524 × 311 cm

OUTDOOR variant: jumping bed made of PVC-coated mesh, in orange, white or black. 
INDOOR variant: jumping bed made of 4×4 mm, 5×4 mm, 6×4 mm, 6×6 mm or 13 mm wide nylon strands.

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
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