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article no: 77000

Underwater Trampoline

Trampoline for aqua-fitness, training and therapy

The underwater trampoline, qualitatively of very high-value, can be used in many ways in combination with training aids (for example Thera-bands, weights, sticks, dumbbells, pool-noodles) and promises effective fitness training and 100% fun. Besides the aqua-fitness-area, the underwater trampoline can be used also for training, therapy and game fun.

Important: To ensure the solid standing on swimming-pool floors, the underwater trampoline has four suction cup feets. Please check in advance whether this type of contact area is suitable for your swimming-pool floor (mosaic tiles are not suitable for example). In case of doubt please feel free to contact an Eurotramp employee.

Made in Germany Made in Germany
Equipment is produced exclusively in our factory in Weilheim/Teck (Germany). We guarantee the use of only the highest quality raw materials in order to guarantee outstanding quality of all components as well as safety and reliability.
Patented Patented
The underwater trampoline is protected by patent law. European Patent No.: 2314357.
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  • spare parts

    We provide various spare parts for Underwater Trampoline.

    • Jumping beds
      • Article-No.: E21877 Jumping bed PVC
        Jumping bed made of PVC-coated synthetics with 28 anchor bars. Size: 73,5 × 73,5 cm. For Underwater Trampoline.

    • Frame pads
      • Article-No.: E11177 Frame pads (old version)
        Frame pads for Underwater Trampoline (old version). Foam thickness: 6 mm.
      • Frame pads (new version)
        Article-No.: E18117 Frame pads (new version)
        Frame pads for Underwater Trampoline, with integrated PVC jumping bed (new version). 73,5 x 73,5 cm, 28 anchor bars
    • Steel springs/suspension
      • Article-No.: E31119 Steel spring
        Steel spring V4A for Underwater Trampoline. Length 85 mm, Ø 20 mm.
    • Spare parts for trampoline frame & Safety Platforms
      • Article-No.: E45078 Suction cup
        Suction cup with stainless steel thread and water drain for Unterwater Trampoline.
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