article no: E21899

Jumping bed

Kids Tramp "Playground XL" & "Playground Loop XL"

Jumping bed made of sixfold wire-reinforced belt fabric, with anchor bars. Size: 156 × 156 cm. For Kids Tramp "Playground XL" and Kids Tramp "Playground Loop XL".

Flame retardant Flame retardant
The sixfold wire reinforced belt material is vandal-proof and therefore flame retardant.
Vandal-proof Vandal-proof
The jumping bed is made of sixfold wire reinforced belt material and features a high level of vandalism safety. It is specially designed for unattended public playground areas.
UV-light resistant UV-light resistant
All components (jumping bed, bonded impact protection, steel springs) are made of UV-light resistant material.
Water-resistant Water-resistant
The trampoline is equipped with hot-dip galvanized springs and a weather proof jumping bed and thus can be left outdoor even in wet conditions.