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Blake Gaudry (Australia) Martin Spatt (Austria) Joris Geens (Belgium) Fanny & Nicolas (Switzerland) Laura (Germany) Nikita Federenko (Russia)  (France)  (GE) Peter Janssen (Denmark) Yasuhiro (Japan) (GB) Nuno Merino & Ricardo Santos (Portugal) Zita (Ceek Republic)  (Bulgaria) Juan Valcarel (Colombia) Logan Dooley (USA) Henrik Stehlik (Germany) Alon Katz (Israel) Ramires Palo (Brasil) Flavio Canone (Italy) We trust Eurotramp Signatures
We trust Eurotramp Claudia Prat Herrero (Spain) Bartomiej Hes (Poland) Nikolai Kazak (Belarus) Dimitry Ushakov (Russia) Martin Gromowski (Germany) Juri Nikitin (Ukraine) Signatures

Welcome to Eurotramp

Eurotramp is a worldwide leading company specialized on building trampolines with more than 55 years of experience. We produce high quality products for professional competitions as well as leisure time and outdoor products. Our high quality standard as well as the ambition to innovation, best possible customer relationship and excellent reliability are mirroring in every single Eurotramp trampoline. Not for nothing top athletes all over the world do trust in our trampolines and our service every single day.

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Trampoline Competitions

  • World Cup Brescia (Italy) - 2016
  • World Cup Arosa (Switzerland) - 2016
  • World Cup Baku (Azerbaijan) - 2016
  • World Cup Coimbra (Portugal) - 2016
  • Scalabiscup Santarém (Portugal) - 2016
  • European Championships Valladolid (Spain) - 2016
  • Olympic Games Rio (Brazil) - 2016

Made in Germany

"Made in Germany" signifies first class handcrafting, highest aspiration and fair working conditions. Every single Eurotramp product is crafted in Trampoline City, our manufactory in Baden Wuerttemberg (Germany).


Sustainability in every regard

Eurotramp obtains the entire electricity for production and development from renewable energy sources and relies on sustainability not only in regard of quality and service. For more information please visit www.naturstrom.de


  • Eurotramp says Thank You!


    Dear friends of trampoline sports,

    Trampolining is more popular than ever ! Wherever you look, the trampoline is giving fun, joy, health, mobility and so much more. Eurotramp is dedicated to set new standards in the trampoline field with innovations and quality, but also working on safety and education.

    2015 was an amazing year and the whole Eurotramp team thanks you sincerely for your cooperation and trust. Together, we're able to thrive new ideas, develop better products and contribute to the sport by promoting not just a product, but also the heart and passion of this wonderful discipline.

    May the “Zero Gravity” be with you in 2016 ! In Rio, in schools, in urban areas, everywhere.
    Best wishes from Trampoline-City !

     * * *
    Instead of our classical wishes, this e-greetings, much more environmentally friendly, will allow us to double the amount of our special year-end donation to charity. We are so proud to be able to support, at the level of 10.000 euros, m3nD, a young non-profit organization committed worldwide in the fight against social and economic inequalities. Its multidisciplinary team of voluntary engineers currently works on a research and development project to improve the accessibility of 3D’s printing technologies to manufacture medical prostheses. Their challenge is ambitious. It should allow the needy people and the medical infrastructures of the developing countries to be more autonomous in the definition and the implementation of adapted solutions. We will not forget to keep you informed about this beautiful human and technological adventure in the next weeks.
    * * *