Varenr.: 08000 - 08240
High-end competition trampoline for many years

The Premium 4x4 is equipped with the most powerful jumping bed. It offers the maximum allowed jumping performance, so that gymnasts can obtain and maintain the required training height with much less effort. With its balanced distribution of power, the trampoline also has well-balanced jumping characteristics, offering the athlete a high measure of safety and excellent controllability.

The Premium trampoline is also available with a 6x4 mm or 5x4 mm jumping bed.

Attention: This product will be removed from the product range!


Following you will find a list of all available product variants. For further information and specific attributes please click on the product variant you are interested in. If no variant is selected you will see the highest common factor of attributes.

  • Vægt, mål og målinger

    • Stationær: L: 520 cm
      V: 305 cm
      H: 115 cm
    • Pakket: L: Modelspcifikationer
      V: 80 cm
      H: 220 cm
    • Transport: L: Modelspcifikationer
      V: 80 cm
      H: 220 cm
    • Vægt: 265 kg
    • Min. Rumhøjde: 7 m
    • Nedspringsdybde: 115 cm
  • Ydeevne

    • Kaste evne: Modelspcifikationer
  • Specifikationer

    • Udendørs/vejrbestandig: nej
    • Hærværkssikring: nej
    • Rammetype: lukket
    • Number of springs: 118
  • Certifikater

    • FIG-certifikat: nej
    • TÜV-certifikat: ja

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