Safety platforms and safety mats "Competition Universal*"

ID článku: 27300 - 28201
Safety platforms and safety mats "Competition Universal*" for Ultimate and Premium models

The safety platforms and safety mats “Competition Universal*” offer optimum safety standards for training and competition. The safety platforms made from the proven steel, which is especially produced for Eurotramp, are extremely stable. The carefully selected material components guarantee longevity.

The safety mats with wedge consist of a highly qualitative PE-foam that attains optimum cushioning and therefore minimizes the risk of injury. The covering consists of a special tear-resistant PVC-tarpaulin. The wedge can be removed within seconds so that the mats can also be utilised elsewhere.

In the event that two trampolines have to be placed closely next to each other, only one safety platform can be placed between the trampolines. In this case, one safety mat with double wedge will serve the purpose. However, one must take into account that both athletes will only have one common safety mat in the middle of the trampolines.

*Safety platforms "Competition Universal" replace earlier "Competition" safety platforms. Spare parts for "Competition" models are still available on request.


Níže naleznete seznam otázek a odpovědí k tomuto výrobku. Pomocí vyhledávání můžete zobrazované články přesně vymezit.

  • Is trampolining an Olympic discipline?

    Trampolining was practised as an Olympic discipline for the first time at the Olympic Games in Sydney 2000. Eurotramp supplied its equipment for this competition. In 2004 and 2008, trampoline gymnastics was also on the programme of Olympic disciplines and once again Eurotramp supplied its equipment for these events.

  • Is trampolining dangerous? Which safety rules should be observed?

    Every sports discipline has its own hidden dangers, trampolining included. Nonetheless, the risks can be avoided to a large extent by following the safety rules. Every novice should approach trampolining cautiously. In general, trampolining is not difficult to learn, but too much self-confidence when performing often leads to boisterousness, which can cause accidents. Eurotramp's large apparatus are high performance apparatus, which must not be underestimated - or would you drive round a corner at the same speed as Schuhmacher, if you were only an apprentice? One step at a time! Children especially should trampoline under adults supervision as far as possible.

  • What does the FIG-approved symbol mean?

    For competitions, the Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (International Gymnastics Federation FIG) has exact specifications of the construction type of the trampoline to be used in the competition. All trampolines and accessories used in competitions and supplied by Eurotramp have a valid certificate.

  • Where can you learn trampolining?

    Trampolining may be no longer just be seen as show artistry. These days, there are many clubs all over Germany which professionally train for competitions. On request, we will send you a list of the German clubs which take part in national championships. In general, you can also find information on the website of the German Gymnastics Federation. There you will also find information about possible training to become a trampoline coach.


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