Sport-Thieme® Adventure-Tramp

Varenr.: 97505 - 97507
Outdoor trampoline for playgrounds - vandal-proof, no supervision required - 3 x 2 m

Trampolines belong to the most attractive leisure-time apparatus and exercise the highest attraction on children, youth and adults. Because they officially count as sports apparatus, they should always be used under supervision. This cannot always be guaranteed at publicly accessible playgrounds, hence the reason why Eurotramp and Sport Thieme recently developed a ground trampoline that conforms to the playground device standard DIN EN 1176 and therefore does not require supervision. It consists of a highly stable, hot-galvanized frame construction with performance level adapted to children type of needs.


Following you will find a list of all available product variants. For further information and specific attributes please click on the product variant you are interested in. If no variant is selected you will see the highest common factor of attributes.

  • Vægt, mål og målinger

    • Stationær: L: 300 cm
      V: 200 cm
      H: Modelspcifikationer
    • Pakket: L: Modelspcifikationer
      V: Modelspcifikationer
      H: Modelspcifikationer
    • Transport: L: Modelspcifikationer
      V: Modelspcifikationer
      H: Modelspcifikationer
    • Springflade: L: Modelspcifikationer
      V: Modelspcifikationer
    • Vægt: Modelspcifikationer
  • Specifikationer

    • Udendørs/vejrbestandig: Modelspcifikationer
    • Hærværkssikring: Modelspcifikationer
    • Rammetype: lukket
    • Number of springs: Modelspcifikationer
  • Certifikater

    • FIG-certifikat: nej
    • TÜV-certifikat: Modelspcifikationer

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