Booster Board

Varenr.: 61000
Angled take-off trampoline

The Booster Boards unite the functionality of a classical springboard with the dynamics, the ease and the jumping fun-factor of a trampoline. The Booster Board models were specially designed for learning low-impact jumping exercises and are ideal for athletes of all ages and performance categories.

All advantages at a glance
• even, barrier-free jump-in
• adjustable in height (26,5 - 32 cm)
• brilliant standing stability
• extremely easy to transport due to integrated transport wheels

Multi-use - the Booster Board is due to its versatility ideally suited for the following target groups
• in recreational, amateur and school sports
• as a methodological tool in artistic gymnastics
• as a springboard in the indoor Parkour and Freerunning, as in contrast to the Minitramp with the Booster Board are also legged jumps possible


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    Varenr.: E21610

    Jumping bed

    Jumping bed for Booster Board

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    Varenr.: E31161

    Steel spring - Booster Board

    Steel spring for Booster Board only

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    Varenr.: E11161

    Frame pads

    Frame pads for Booster Board

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    Varenr.: E50061

    Transport wheels

    Transport wheels (1 pair) for Booster Board

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    Varenr.: E45102

    Floor protection with screws

    Floor protection small with screws to fit Minitramp, Booster Board and Tschoukball


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