Trampoline Track "Stationary"

Article ID: 88004 - 88020
Trampoline Track for methodical and preparatory training

Tumbling tracks are hard and accelerate the body extremely fast. Although this enables spectacular acrobatic elements, they simultaneously result in high joint loads. What could therefore be better in training than a trampoline track that slows down the sequences of movement and facilitates joint-protecting gymnastics?

With trampoline tracks, all gymnastic elements such as somersault, forward + backward, somersault, forward, backward + sideways and all somersaults with twist can be learned easily, improved and made perfect. The application of a trampoline track is therefore recommendable in methodical training as well as in the preparatory training for contests in all age and skill stages.

All trampoline tracks are equipped with steel springs and beds made of PVC-coated synthetics, which guarantees a good performance.


Following you will find a list of all available spare parts. For further information please click on the spare part you are interested in. With the search function you can precisely limit the shown spare parts.

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    Article ID: E21884

    Jumping bed, length: 4 m

    Jumping bed 4 m length for Trampoline Track "Stationary", PVC-coated

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    Article ID: E21886

    Jumping bed, additional segment, length: 2 m

    2 m additional segment for PVC-coated jumping bed for Trampoline Track "Stationary", from 6 meters on (only in combination with art. E21884)

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    Article ID: E31110

    Steel spring - Minitramp 112/125, Open-End Minitramp, Trampoline Track "Stationary"

    Steel spring (length 185 mm, Ø 32 mm) for Open-End Minitramp, Minitramp 112/125 and Trampoline Track "Stationary"

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    Article ID: E32190

    Rubber cable (length 700 cm, Ø 11,4 mm) with hook and 2-hole plate

    Rubber cable (length 700 cm, Ø 11,4 mm) with hook and 2-hole plate.


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