Varenr.: 03000 - 03265
The official trampoline for all upcoming competitions!

Following two years of extensive development, we are proud to release the new Ultimate. This impressive state of the art piece of equipment has outstanding improvements in durability, usability, safety and stability. Tried and tested by many of the world´s elite gymnasts and the friendly support of Rebound Products (Dave Ross), the Ultimate is a huge step and enrichment for the trampoline family. It will be the recommended competition trampoline for the World Championships 2014 in Daytona Beach (USA) and Odense 2015.

All innovations and advantages at a glance:
• 200% more tension in the leg section, giving an outstanding stability to the frame
• Long term consistent performance characteristics and reduced "jump-in time"
• Superb balance between the fl exibility of the frame and its strength with high-tech steel of supreme quality
• "Easy-Lock-System" to set up the trampoline quicker and more efficiently
• Laser-cut accuracy giving the new frame design greater potential for safety
• Unique engineered hinge design with block friction bearings giving more resistance to wear and tear • "Ultimate"-springs for optimum dynamics and longevity
• "Ultimate" adaption kit for older end decks to make them compatible with the Ultimate 4x4*
• Avilable with 32 mm, 50 mm foldable or 50 mm stationary padding


Following you will find a list of all available product variants. For further information and specific attributes please click on the product variant you are interested in. If no variant is selected you will see the highest common factor of attributes.

  • Vægt, mål og målinger

    • Stationær: L: 520 cm
      V: 305 cm
      H: 115 cm
    • Pakket: L: 321 cm
      V: 80 cm
      H: 220 cm
    • Transport: L: 321 cm
      V: 80 cm
      H: 220 cm
    • Vægt: 260 kg
    • Min. Rumhøjde: 8 m
  • Ydeevne

    • Kaste evne
  • Specifikationer

    • Hærværkssikring: nej
    • Udendørs/vejrbestandig: nej
    • Rammetype: lukket
    • Number of springs: 118
  • Certifikater

    • FIG-certifikat: ja
    • TÜV-certifikat: ja

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