ID článku: 70000 - 72000
The perfect training equipment

The Tchoukball is an extraordinary ball game apparatus for training and for leisure time, which accelerates a ball thrown into it and throws it back again. Therefore many ball sports can be trained effectively. Also for goalkeepers, the Tchoukball represents an optimal training aid. The Tchoukball is an amazing leisure time device for children and youth, with which ball handling and the motor capacities can be learned in a playing manner. By means of the foot support, the Tchoukball can be tilted from 55 to 65 degrees in order to obtain an individual rebound angle.

The stable frame is made of special galvanized steel tube. The attached floor pads guarantee high stability of stand. The device can be erected and dismantled within a few seconds and stored in a space-saving manner.

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  • Specifikace

    • Odolnost povětrnostním vlivům: Ano
    • Odolnost proti vandalismu: Ne
    • Typ rámu: Uzavřený
  • Certifikáty

    • FIG certifikát: Ne
    • TÜV certifikát: Ne

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