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Teamgym Minitramp, for more action in sports

A Minitramp that appeals to gymnasts as a target group that demand from the apparatus particularly high stability, durability and an extraordinary performance. The apparatus was originally developed for Euroteam contest.

Due to a special frame construction with flat oval frame and large standing areas, it is a springboard trampoline for top-level sport, high-performance acrobatics, show groups and all that have reached the performance limit of the previous minitramp apparatus.

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Adjustable heights


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Choosing a suitable Minitramp

Product information

Minitramp Diversity

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Product information

Types of jumping beds

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Status: July 2019

Safety manual

Trampoline safety rules

TÜV certificate

Minitramp 112/125, Teamgym, Minitramp Open-End, Double-Minitramp 190, Double-Minitramp Ultimate

Use, Maintenance and Assembly Instructions

Minitramp 112/125, Minitramp Open-End, Teamgym


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