Lifting roller stand "Safe & Comfort"

Numer artykułu: E53110 - E53120
For more comfort, easy handling and safety: Lifting Roller Stand "Safe & Comfort"

The lifting roller stand “Safe & Comfort“ has been especially developed to increase the safety when processing the installation and re-installation of large trampolines and to make it more comfortable. Through the new hydraulic pump system the trampoline can be easily moved up and down by using an integrated pedal. With the lifting roller stand “Safe & Comfort“ therefore the transport height of a trampoline can be adjusted from 2,20 m to 1,97 m, that‘s why all the trampolines can pass through normed doors of 2 m height.

Hint for storage of lifting roller stand "Safe & Comfort":
For easier transport, proper storage and a higher long-life cycle Eurotramp recommends the use of the connecting tube (Article ID: E50070). The connecting tube is only included in the delivery of complete trampolines (service bag)!


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    Numer artykułu: E50070

    Connecting tube

    Connecting tube for (lifting) roller stands, lockable with two black winged screws,
    for easier transport and storing of (lifting) roller stands

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    Numer artykułu: E50001

    Castor c/w fastening kit

    Castor c/w fastening kit for roller stands and lifting roller stands

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    Numer artykułu: E50040

    Hook c/w cap nut for roller stand & lifting roller stand "Safe & Comfort"

    Hook c/w cap nut M14 for roller stand and lifting roller stand "Safe & Comfort"


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