Lifting roller stand

Article ID: E52110 - S52140
Lifting Roller Stand

A trampoline occupies a large space when it is mounted and is generally folded for storage and transport. The problem herewith is that all the large apparatus, like the Grand Master, when folded together are 2.20 m high, but many doors in gymnasiums are only 2 meters high.

To solve that problem, Eurotramp offers the conventional Lifting Roller Stand and the "Safe & Comfort", the trampoline can be lowered from 2.20 m to 1.97 m. Therefore, all large trampolines fit through standard doors without issues.

Hint for storage of lifting roller stand:
For easier transport, proper storage and a higher long-life cycle Eurotramp recommends the use of the connecting tube (Article ID: E50070). The connecting tube is only included in the delivery of complete trampolines (service bag)!


Following you will find a list of all available product variants.


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