Delivery process

Distribution channel is the sport specialty shop

The sales, marketing and the technical service of Eurotramp products is in Germany and is organised worldwide in most cases through the sports specialty shop. This guarantees expert consultation and customer service both in the purchase phase and in the utilization phase of the products is provided locally. Eurotramp delivers only in special cases (e.g. for special fabrications, demonstration apparatus, small spare part deliveries)directly to the end user. For device maintenance, Eurotramp has no local service. This is taken care of by our distribution partners. Information about technical matters of Eurotramp products can also be directed to Eurotramp. The pricing for products is determined by the dealer.

Delivery of Eurotramp products – well organized, all runs smoothly

Eurotramp products are either delivered by package services or via shipping companies. Please review deliveries immediately in your own interest, whether the shipment delivery was complete and undamaged. If you should detect damage (on the packaging and/or on the good) or missing parts, note this immediately on the shipping order and inform Eurotramp and/or the sender of the products promptly. We cannot claim missing quantities and compensate appropriately if damages are reported after several days by our carrier and/or package service provider.

Unloading large trampolines require 3 to 4 strong helpers. Therefore, we recommend to notify the delivery of large trampolines by telephone so that the shipping agent can plan the delivery with you. According to general shipping conditions, for freight weight from 50 kg onwards, customers are obliged to prepare for the unloading of goods.

The delivery status of packages can be tracked online via the so-called packet tracking. By calling the delivery shipping agent, it is possible in the meantime also to quickly determine the delivery status of shipments. If you should have questions regarding the delivery status, please contact our sales department.

Repair service – maintenance is worthwhile

Eurotramp delivers products with very high quality levels. Should parts have to be replaced due to wear, damage or incorrect handling after several years, we guarantee quick and smooth supply of spare parts for our products.

Eurotramp has enclosed a service bag in every major apparatus, in which important wear parts (cushioning, floor pads, among others) are contained, which a customer can exchange independently. If other parts are damaged, the repair can be undertaken on apparatus either on the spot by an expert user or it can be delegated to a skilled repair service firm by the sports hall service. Large apparatus can be sent to Eurotramp for general overhaul. The trampoline is tested for its repair requirement at that place. The customer receives a binding cost estimate before the repair is carried out and can then therefore authorise the repair.

Important: Guarantees on repairs can only be valid if original spare parts from the manufacturer were used. Installation of non-original Eurotramp spare parts establishes the risk of exclusion of all guarantee claims, the risk of omission of product liability and expiry of product certificates (e.g. GS sign, FIG certificate). Moreover, the user of the trampoline has the risk of suffering technical defects, which can considerably endanger the safety of the gymnast.


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