Trampolín con área perimetral de protección

Identidad de Artículo: 91000
Trampolín en colchones para jardines infantiles y guarderías.

El nuevo Mats Tramp fue diseñado por Eurotramp especialmente para los jardines infantiles  y guarderías. Con respecto a la forma y la función de este trampolín cumple exactamente con las necesidades especiales de las instalaciones antes mencionadas, por lo que se puede integrar perfectamente en todos los tipos de juego ya existentes.

El trampolín se monta en una gran colchoneta de gimnasia que impide cualquier salto accidental o caídas sobre el suelo duro. Las características de la cama de salto son perfectamente seguras adaptadas a las necesidades del niño. La cubierta del cable elástico que sustituye los resortes, por razones de seguridad, se une a la estera de la gimnasia por velcro de alta calidad y para cama de salto por cable de goma. No hay posibilidad de que un niño llegue debajo de la cama elástica.

La estera de la gimnasia fue diseñada plegable para un mejor almacenamiento y transporte fácil. Si se requiere la Mats Tramp también puede ser utilizada como un simple colchoneta de gimnasia, simplemente eliminando la cama elástica y su sustituyéndola por una pequeña colchoneta de las dimensiones exactas de la cavidad interior. La Mats Tramp es fácil de manejar para cualquier persona y se convierte en una sencilla colchoneta de gimnasia en sólo unos segundos.

Colchoneta de Gimnasia: 300 x 200 x 30 cm, de espuma de alta calidad
Marco de Trampolín: Tubo redondo 100 x 100 x 27 cm, acero especial galvanizado
Cama de salto: 73,5 x 73,5 cm, cualidades opcionales: polipropileno, PVC-revestido resistente a la rotura de malla o malla sintética


Following we provide a list of FAQ articles for this product.
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  • Can defective beds be repaired?

    In general, all nylon-band beds can be repaired at a favourable price. Should individual nylon bands be damaged, these can be removed and new bands oven and sewn in. Repairing PVC-coated beds (yellow material) is equally as problem-free using high frequency welding. After receiving and inspecting a bed at Eurotramp, we pass to an offer and advise on whether repair is worthwhile. After the go-ahead to repair, beds can be repaired and ready for dispatch within a few days.

  • Can trampolines be used for therapeutic purposes?

    Trampolines are excellently suited for therapeutic purposes, for example our ground trampoline Grand Master for indoor use. A strong trend has been developing in recent years, especially in the area of disability therapy. Trampolines have been successfully employed in many disabled facilities in Germany. Should you require further information about this topic, we'll have contact addresses to your disposition.

  • For how many gymnasts are the trampolines designed for?

    Basically, there should only be one person on the trampoline. If several gymnasts use the trampoline together the risk of injury (collision, counter- swing) is much increased.

  • How much is a trampolinist allowed to weight?

    Basically, for Eurotramp trampolines, there is no weight limit, as all trampolines are designed for a multiple of the body weight. People with joint complaints or overweight people should start trampolining slowly. Of course, general physical and psychological constitution also makes a difference.

  • Is it possible to repair broken or old trampolines?

    Our trampolines are constructed extremely robustly: we often receive pieces of equipment that have been in use for more than 30 years.

    But after such a long period of time, even these pieces of equipment require an overhaul. Jumping beds, overall covers and springs can be substituted by the customer himself. On the frame; smaller parts such as chains and feet-rest mounts can be substituted on the spot.

    Problems arise when the hinges are worn out after many years of being opened out and folded down again, or for example if the roller stands or lifting roller stands are broken. Should an economic efficiency calculation come to the conclusion that a general overhaul would be worthwhile, then this could be done either by the customer, an external maintenance service or directly by Eurotramp, according to the state of the device in question.

    Complicated repairs to the frame make the dispatching of the trampoline to the Eurotramp plant in Weilheim an der Teck necessary.

    In order to arrive at an initial assessment regarding the extent of the necessary repair work, it is helpful if you send us, whenever possible, detailed photographs of the trampoline or the possible damage.

    Then we could make you a provisional offer and, if required, arrange for your equipment to be collected.

    Before the final repair work is done, we would gladly send you a binding costs estimate and obtain your approval for the work. 1-2 weeks later your equipment is once again in full working order and can be returned to you.

    Regarding the question of using older trampolines we would like to say, however, that material fatigue, e.g. to the jumping beds, can represent a high risk to the user. For liability reasons, we recommend that, when in doubt, old trampoline components should be replaced.

  • Is trampolining dangerous? Which safety rules should be observed?

    Every sports discipline has its own hidden dangers, trampolining included. Nonetheless, the risks can be avoided to a large extent by following the safety rules. Every novice should approach trampolining cautiously. In general, trampolining is not difficult to learn, but too much self-confidence when performing often leads to boisterousness, which can cause accidents. Eurotramp's large apparatus are high performance apparatus, which must not be underestimated - or would you drive round a corner at the same speed as Schuhmacher, if you were only an apprentice? One step at a time! Children especially should trampoline under adults supervision as far as possible.

  • Which trampoline do you recommend for children?

    The Ground Trampoline for outdoor use is, no doubt, the most suitable trampoline for children. It is not possible to fall off the apparatus. Likewise, it is not possible to walk underneath the apparatus. The Hobbytramp is on legs, but can also be set in a pit. Your child will love trampolining. Trampolining promotes the development of balance, co-ordination and physical flexibility like no other sport apparatus is able to. Nonetheless, remember to introduce your child gently to trampolining and to provide supervision. Enjoy learning at play with your child!


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