Kids Tramp "Kindergarten Loop"

Varenr.: 97110
Low level of vandalism safety - applicable to supervised areas - 1,5 x 1,5 m

Kindergarten trampoline model “Kindergarten”
Approved and accepted by TÜV Product Service according to the playground standard DIN EN 1176. Suitable for kindergartens and other facilities with inspected access (jumping bed made of PVC-coated lattice fabric).

Easy to install
The Kids Tramp is already completely mounted when it is delivered, all that is needed is to glue the bonded impact protection on the frame and set it into a pit. It consists of a highly stable, hot-galvanized frame construction with performance level adapted to children type of needs.


Following you will find a list of all available product variants. For further information and specific attributes please click on the product variant you are interested in. If no variant is selected you will see the highest common factor of attributes.

  • Vægt, mål og målinger

    • Stationær: L: 150 cm
      V: 150 cm
      H: 30 cm
    • Pakket: L: 150 cm
      V: 150 cm
      H: 30 cm
    • Transport: L: 150 cm
      V: 150 cm
      H: 30 cm
    • Springflade: L: 92 cm
      V: 92 cm
    • Vægt: 113 kg
  • Specifikationer

    • Udendørs/vejrbestandig: ja
    • Hærværkssikring: nej
    • Rammetype: lukket
    • Number of springs: 36
  • Certifikater

    • FIG-certifikat: nej
    • TÜV-certifikat: ja

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