Kids Tramp "Kindergarten Loop"

ID článku: 97110
Low level of vandalism safety - applicable to supervised areas - 1,5 x 1,5 m

Kindergarten trampoline model “Kindergarten”
Approved and accepted by TÜV Product Service according to the playground standard DIN EN 1176. Suitable for kindergartens and other facilities with inspected access (jumping bed made of PVC-coated lattice fabric).

Easy to install
The Kids Tramp is already completely mounted when it is delivered, all that is needed is to glue the bonded impact protection on the frame and set it into a pit. It consists of a highly stable, hot-galvanized frame construction with performance level adapted to children type of needs.


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Náhled Nadpis / popis Formáty souborů

2D CAD drawings

DWG Kids Tramp Kindergarten Loop 1,50x1,50 m

3D CAD drawings

DWG Kids Tramp Kindergarten Loop 1,50x1,50 m


Jumping area dimensions for Playground & Kindergarten Trampolines

Installation draft

Kids Tramp WITH concrete bedding 1.50 x 1.50 m

Installation draft

Kids Tramp WITHOUT concrete bedding 1.50 x 1.50 m

Product information

Kids Tramp

Product information

Kids Tramp: In-line assembly according to DIN EN 1176

Product information

Kids Tramp: Safety areas and distances

Product information

Outdoor and playground trampolines for wheelchair users

Spare part lists

Kids Tramp Loop impact protection GREY (E97011)

Terms Of Safety

Terms Of Safety for Playground Trampolines (DIN EN 1176)

TÜV certificate

Kids Tramp & Kids Tramp Track (DIN EN 1176)

Use, Maintenance and Assembly Instructions

Adhesive instructions bonded impact protection for playground trampolines

Use, Maintenance and Assembly Instructions

Kids Tramp | Product and Service Information

Use, Maintenance and Assembly Instructions

Steel angle construction for frame reinforcement Kids Tramp Loop/Loop XL


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