Grand Master Exclusiv

ID článku: 04000 - 05200
Competition trampoline at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney and 2004 in Greece

The Grand Master Exclusiv 6x4 mm is the predecessor model of the Grand Master Exclusiv Premium and was the Eurotramp Company‘s top model for many years. A jumping bed made with the highest precision out of 144 pieces of woven nylon bands 4 mm wide lengthwise and 222 pieces 6 mm wide laterally woven nylon bands is held by 118 high-performance springs. Special reinforced springs in the corners give even more stability. The galvanized frame is made from special steel, which at the same time guarantees enormous stability as well as the necessary elasticity of the frame.

The Grand Master Exclusiv was the competition trampoline at the Olympic Games 2000 in Sydney, Australia and in Athens, Greece in 2004. It is a high-end product which has been used for many years in sport and expert circles and has received great response.


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  • Hmotnost, rozměry a údaje

    • Rozložené: d: 520 cm
      š: 305 cm
      v: 115 cm
    • Ve složeném stavu: d: 334 cm
      š: 80 cm
      v: 197 - 220 cm
    • Přeprava: d: 334 cm
      š: 80 cm
      v: 220 cm
    • Váha: 250 kg
    • Min. Výška pokoje: 7 m
    • Hloubka ponoření: 115 cm
  • Výkon

    • Výkon
  • Specifikace

    • Odolnost proti vandalismu: Ne
    • Odolnost povětrnostním vlivům: Ne
    • Typ rámu: Uzavřený
    • Počet pružin: 118
  • Certifikáty

    • FIG certifikát: Ne
    • TÜV certifikát: Ano

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