Kids Tramp Track "Playground"

Numer artykułu: 97004 - 97009
Boundless jumping fun for any age: Kids Tramp Track "Playground" - vandal-proof

Model “Playground” - high level of vandalism safety
Jumping bed made of sixfold wire reinforced belt fabric with special coating for more durability.

Suitable for unattended and freely accessible areas e.g. playgrounds, kindergartens, therapy centres, barefoot parks, activity trails, retirement homes and other facilities. It actively supports the coordinational/motor skills and also offers a lot of jumping fun.

• Different length for any application available: 4 m, 6 m, 8 m, 10 m
• Overall width: 1,56 m


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  • Cięźar, rozmiar i wartości

    • Do urzytku: D : 836 cm
      S : 160 cm
      W : 71 cm
    • Surface dimension: D : 758 cm
      S : 82 cm
    • Cięźar : 544 kg
  • Wyszczególnienia

    • Odporność na zniszczenie: tak
    • Odporność na warunki atmosferyczne : tak
    • Typ ramy: zamknięty
    • Number of springs: 155
  • Certyfikaty

    • FIG-Certyfikat: nie
    • TÜV-Certyfikat: nie

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