Numer artykułu: 45300 - 45600
Open-End-Minitramp for strong performance and difficult jumps

The Open-End-Minitramp is a modified version of the proven minitramp. The flat oval frame with frame-less jump in and out zone offers a strong performance and is suitable especially for more difficult jumps. Through the barrier-free entry and exit zone, the Open-End-Minitramp entails more safety. The device is offered with a high-performance 13-mm jumping bed, as standard feature. Even more powerful is the Premium model which is equipped with 6-mm-thick nylon bed.


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    Numer artykułu: ME1030

    Education Program

    Education Program for Minitramp/Parcour/Large Trampolines and Psychomotricity Więcej informacij o tej akcesorij.

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    Numer artykułu: 51000

    Minitramp Trolley

    Comfortable transport trolley for several Minitramps. Więcej informacij o tej akcesorij.


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