Premium 4x4

Numer artykułu: 08000 - 08240
The Premium 4x4 is currently the most powerful certified competition trampoline!

It is the high-end apparatus among the Eurotramp competition trampolines. The Premium 4 x 4 is our latest development. This new top-of-the.range model is equipped with the most powerful jumping bed which has ever been certified by the International Gymnastics Federation FIG. Its jumping bed offers the maximum allowed jumping performance according to FIG standards, so that gymnasts can obtain and maintain the required training height with much less effort. With its equal distributionion of power, the trampoline also has well-balanced jumping characteristics, thus offering the athlete a high measure of safety and excellent controllability. The Premium 4 x 4 is the world‘s most powerful FIG-certified competition trampoline. This year the Premium 4 x 4 will be used at six of seven World Cups, at the World Gymnaestrada in Switzerland and at many other significant international competitions.


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